The Key to Innovation is Partnership

Packet and Intel are two companies committed to innovation,
and to those that are building the internet that we depend upon.
From the processors in datacenter servers, to the machine learning
powering autonomous vehicles, and the networking protocols
that move information around the world – we're driven to enable
what's next.

Xia Zhou


Xia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

She co-directs the DartNets (Dartmouth Networking and Ubiquitous Systems) and her research interest lies broadly in mobile computing and its intersection with other disciplines.

Most of her current projects center on light – the ubiquitous medium around us. She's working on a range of projects that turn light into a powerful medium for data communication and object /behavioral sensing.

Learn more about Xia via her Dartmouth website page, or on YouTube.


Dabriah (Day) Alston


Dabriah Alston is the Project Manager for Red Hook WIFI.

Growing up in Red Hook's housing project, Dabriah witnessed first hand how events like Hurricane Sandy required a community that was resilient, innovative, and caring for each other.

Red Hook WIFI is a community wireless broadband network that provides Internet access free to users within the community. The network facilitates access to jobs, education and other opportunities while also functioning as a local resource for news and information through its online portal and other online tools.

Learn more about the Red Hook Initiative, Red Hook WIFI and Dabriah at the RHI website.


Brian Hall


Brian Hall is a member of NYC Mesh - a community built and run network serving Manhattan and surrounding neighborhoods. In this video, he shares why he contributes his time to building NYC Mesh, from both a physical and community standpoint.

NYC Mesh connects directly to the backbone of the internet via contributing providers like Packet (bypassing traditional ISPs) and as a neutral network that does not block or discriminate content.

Learn more and become a member by visiting their website.


Packet Proudly Uses the Following Intel Products

We believe in a future driven by specialized infrastructure. From self driving cars to virtual reality, these experiences are defined by combining innovative hardware with innovative software. That's why at Packet, we don't abstract developers from the hardware - instead we provide them the tools to interact with it.


Packet was a launch partner for the latest generation of Intel Xeon "Scalable" processors, which feature incredible performance across a range of workloads. We especially love the unparalleled memory channel performance, which is on full display in our m2.xlarge configuration.


From feature rich traditional networking needs, to advanced features like DPDK, Intel NIC's offer leading performance and compatibility. Our Intel NIC of choice is the x710, which is installed in our "Accelerator" class system, the x1.small.


While Intel makes a range of storage products, we gravitate to the high end! Intel based NVMe SSD's are a customer favorite, and we're proud to collaborate with Intel on helping expand interest in the Optane line based upon revolutionary 3DxPoint technology.