OpenShift, Made Simple

Red Hat® OpenShift®, a hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes platform, enables you to build, deploy and manage container-based applications across cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

With Packet’s automated bare metal and an integrated deployment process, you can deliver better applications faster with Red Hat OpenShift across our global footprint.

Let’s Chat About OpenShift

Why Packet for Red Hat OpenShift

New to OpenShift on bare metal? Check out this guide on to get started!

  • Deploy Anywhere, Connect Everything
    Packet, powered by Equinix, has a global footprint that is interconnected to all major clouds and networks.
  • Automate all the Things Faster
    Deploying Red Hat OpenShift on Packet takes about twenty minutes. Just follow our straightforward technical guide.
  • Modernize in one Place
    With Red Hat OpenShift, you can modernize your applications across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Consistent Experience
    With a consistent user interface, get the same experience across on-prem, Packet or public cloud.
  • Dedicated Environments
    Automated bare metal delivers a powerful, single-tenant enterprise environment with a single API call.
  • Ideal Hardware for Your Investment
    Packet helps you get the most out of your infrastructure with the latest generation Intel and AMD systems.

Ready to Deliver Applications Faster?

Build and scale with Red Hat OpenShift

Automate the end-to-end install of Red Hat OpenShift on Packet Bare Metal Servers. It takes about twenty minutes from start to finish. We provide:

  • Powerful, API-driven bare metal that reflects Enterprise environments across global locations.
  • Technical guidance to help you get started with OpenShift and Packet quickly.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer success and a public Slack Channel to help you succeed.

Create a Packet account to get started.


Because Packet is giving us the actual bare metal machines, we still have that first layer of virtualization extensions that we can use to isolate our guest machines from one another. None of the other cloud providers provide that.

Jake Moschenko, Co-Founder @ Quay
Jake Moschenko