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Designed for a hybrid, multi-cloud world and built on open source technologies powered by Google, Anthos delivers a consistent experience from on-prem to cloud.

We've made it easy to experience the promise of Anthos. Deploy a full environment in about an hour using Packet's automated bare metal, well-maintained Terraform deployment scripts and Slack-driven community support.

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Why Packet for Anthos

  • Global, Trusted & Interconnected
    As part of Equinix, Packet provides access to a global footprint that is interconnected to all major clouds & networks.
  • Dedicated Environments
    Replicate a powerful, single-tenant enterprise environment with a single API call with automated bare metal.
  • Fast, Automated Deployments
    Fully automated with Terraform, deploying Anthos on Packet takes one command and about an hour.
  • Consistent GKE Experience
    With a consistent user interface, get the same experience across Google Cloud Platform (GCP), on-prem or Packet.
  • Modernize in Place
    With Kubernetes services managed by Google, you can modernize your applications on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Future-proof Your investments
    Build on the platform that’s designed to run where you need it to with a consistent view and controls across your environments.

Ready for Anthos in an Hour?

Whether you're an Anthos customer, authorized partner, or a customer-facing Googler, we've automated the process of installing a complete Anthos GKE on-prem environment. It takes just a single command and about an hour from start to finish.  

Bring your Anthos Subscription License from Google and we'll provide:

  • Powerful, API-driven bare metal in global locations that reflect traditional Enterprise environments.
  • Terraform configuration files to deploy a vSphere cluster on Packet and install Anthos.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer success and a public Slack Channel to help you with any issues.

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A True Hybrid "Edge" Cloud

Harness the power of Anthos at the network edge by deploying Anthos on Packet. Let's Talk.

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"The ability to quickly deploy Anthos GKE on-prem with Packet is a natural fit and will accelerate the modernization of applications at the edge."

Paul Mason, Technical Program Manager at Google Cloud
Paul Mason