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Security & Compliance

We’ve been building internet infrastructure for long enough to know security is more than just a list of features: it’s a mindset based upon a zero-trust philosophy. Here are some of the ways that influence our product:

  • We invest in a single tenancy wherever possible.
  • We expose hardware security features like TPM.
  • We obsess over firmware. Seriously, it’s a big deal.
  • We build platform features that encourage best practices.
  • We protect your data like it is our own.

As you might guess, we spend a lot of our time working with hardware vendors to ensure that layer is as secure as possible, but we also track and support software approaches that help make security easier for our users up the stack.

Platform Overview

Packet’s ever-expanding platform offers a wide variety of operational and developer benefits that are proven at scale.

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On-Demand Bare Metal in 20+ Global Locations

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Reference Topology

Our standard deployment is designed for “cloud provider” level redundancy and throughput, and features a fully routed Layer 3 design.

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