Kubernetes CSI for Packet

The Kubernetes CSI is intended to allow clusters to provision, and attach PersistentVolumes as Kubernetes StorageClasses from a variety of storage providers via this standard. In this case, Packet's Elastic Block Storage.


You’ll need to clone the Packet CSI repository to get the necessary yaml deployment files. The files are located in the deploy/kubernetes folder.

Deploying the CSI driver will also require the creation of a Secret.


Recommended versions of Packet CSI based on your Kubernetes version:

  • Packet CSI version v1.0.0 supports Kubernetes >=1.13.0



To run the Packet CSI, you need your Packet API key and project ID that your cluster is running in. If you are already logged in, you can create one by clicking on your profile in the upper right then "API keys". To get project ID click into the project that your cluster is under and select "project settings" from the header. Under General you will see "Project ID". Once you have this information you will be able to fill in the config needed for the CCM.

Create config

Copy deploy/template/secret.yaml to releases/packet-cloud-config.yaml:

cp deploy/template/secret.yaml packet-cloud-config.yaml

Replace the placeholder in the copy with your token. When you're done, the packet-cloud-config.yaml should look something like this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: packet-cloud-config
  namespace: kube-system
  cloud-sa.json: |
    "apiKey": "abc123abc123abc123",
    "projectID": "abc123abc123abc123"

Then run:

kubectl apply -f packet-cloud-config.yaml

You can confirm that the secret was created in the kube-system with the following:

$ kubectl -n kube-system get secrets packet-cloud-config
NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
packet-cloud-config   Opaque                                1         2m


You can apply the rest of the CSI by running:

kubectl -n kube-system apply -f deploy/kubernetes/setup.yaml
kubectl -n kube-system apply -f deploy/kubernetes/node.yaml
kubectl -n kube-system apply -f deploy/kubernetes/controller.yaml

or by using the Packet Helm Chart for CSI.

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