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Get the most out of your infrastructure with our growing collection of detailed technical guides.

SmartOS on Packet

Deplying SmartOS on Packet

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Kubernetes Cluster API

Kubernetes Cluster API on Packet

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Block Storage on Windows Server

Deploying Block Storage on Packet Windows Servers

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Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler on Packet

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Extending Blockstorage

Extending Storage Volume on Packet

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Kubernetes CSI for Packet

Kubernetes CSI (Container Storage Interface) for Packet

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NVME Flash Drives

How to Setup NVME flash drives.

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Helm Charts for Kubernetes

Helm Charts for Kubernetes Package Management

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KVM and Libvirt on Ubuntu 16.04

KVM and Libvirt on Ubuntu 16.04 description

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Explore Weave and Kubernetes

Use Weave Cloud to explore and troubleshoot a microservices app running in Kubernetes on Packet’s bare metal cloud.

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Deploying ESXi on Packet

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BGP Global Communities

What are our Supported BGP Communties & How to use them.

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