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x2.xlarge Nvidia Drivers

This article describes the steps on installing the official Nvidia drivers and CUDA toolkit for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 for x2 systems in Packet.

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Kubernetes for GPU Workloads

Preparing Kubernetes for GPU Workloads

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CPU Tuning

Tips for fine tuning the CPU to improve performance

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Software RAID 10

This quide will demonstrate a Software RAID configuration for a Packet m1.xlarge server, “The Virtualizer”, running Ubuntu 16.04.

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OpenStack DevStack

Testing OpenStack using DevStack

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Load Balancing and High Availability

How to setup a cluster with LB & HA

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Compute Profiling and Benchmarking

Benchmarking Tools for Linux

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Ditch Cobbler for RackN

Ditch Cobbler for RackN on Packet

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Crosscloud VPN with Wireguard

Setup a Crosscloud VPN with Wireguard

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Kubeless on Packet

Setup Kubeless on a bare metal K8s cluster

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Route BGP with BIRD

Route BGP with BIRD on Packet

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Kubernetes CCM for Packet

Kubernetes CCM (Cloud Controller Manager) for Packet

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