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Kubernetes on Packet

Kubernetes helps you make sure those containerized applications run where and when you want, and helps them find the resources and tools they need to work.

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Kubeless on Packet

Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework that allows deployments of small bits of code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure

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Kubernetes CCM for Packet

Kubernetes CCM plugin is designed to implement cloud-vendor specific features such as properly labeling nodes and providing LoadBalancer services.

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Kubernetes Cluster API

Cluser API is an effort to make cluster bootstrapping declarative, while also using a single interface for a variety of Kubernetes providers.

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Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler is designed to dynamically scale your cluster nodepools based on unschedulable pods or nodes that aren’t needed anymore.

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Kubernetes CSI for Packet

Kubernetes CSI is intended to allow clusters to provision, & attach PersistentVolumes as Kubernetes StorageClasses

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Helm Charts for Kubernetes

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes clusters, much like apt or yum on a traditional operating system, which can pull, download, and deploy

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Explore Weave and Kubernetes

Use Weave Cloud to explore and troubleshoot a microservices app running in Kubernetes on Packet’s bare metal cloud.

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BGP Global Communities

Packet's supported BGP Communities and their use

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Cisco VIRL on Packet

How to deploy and access Cisco's VIRL Network Virtuzlation software

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Crosscloud VPN with Wireguard

Deplyoying and configureing Wireguard Mesh Network for a site-site VPN tunnel

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GRE with Multicast

Configuring GRE with Multicast between two Packet devices

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