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CPU Tuning

CPU Tuning Processor Performance

Tips for fine tuning the CPU to improve performance.

Kubernetes CSI for Packet

Kubernetes CSI Container Storage Interface

Kubernetes CSI (Container Storage Interface) for Packet

Kubernetes CSI for Packet

Explore Weave and Kubernetes

Weave Cloud

Use Weave Cloud to explore and troubleshoot a microservices app running in Kubernetes on Packet’s bare metal cloud.

Explore Weave and Kubernetes

x2.xlarge Nvidia Drivers

nvidia x2.xlarge CUDA

This article describes the steps on installing the official Nvidia drivers and CUDA toolkit for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 for x2 systems in Packet.


VMs Proxmox Virtualization

Deploying Proxmox on Packet


Software RAID 10

storage RAID

This quide will demonstrate a Software RAID configuration for a Packet m1.xlarge server, “The Virtualizer”, running Ubuntu 16.04.

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