Get the most out of your infrastructure with our growing collection of detailed technical guides.

AMD Sev with Anjuna

AMD SEV is a unprecedented level of security for confidential workloads. Learn how to deploy it on Packet.

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Compute Profiling and Benchmarking

Profiling & benchmarking peformance to ensure your storage is fast, network is reliable, and compute resources are giving you what you’d expect

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CPU Tuning

You can really dive into the guts of server tuning. Each workload is different, so our recommendation is to take incremental steps and measure your progress.

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Kubernetes for GPU Workloads

Learn how to leverage GPUs within Kubernetes using the native tooling available in your cluster.

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Nvidia Drivers: x2.xlarge

Installing the official Nvidia drivers and CUDA toolkit for Ubuntu 16/18.04 on the x2 in Packet

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Stress Testing Big Data Setups

Tips & Tricks for Stress Testing Big Data Setups

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Apache Kafka on CoreOS

Setting up a Kafka cluster on a single machine on the Packet Platform

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Deploy DC/OS with Terraform

Deploying & Managing Resrouces with a DC/OS deployment

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Deploy Flynn on Packet

Installing Flynn on Packet, and the basics of deploying your apps

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Load Balancing and High Availability

Standing up Load Balancing, High Availability with HAProxy and Keepalived

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Ditch Cobbler for RackN

Framework to orchestrate bare metal in any enivorment, using RackN and Packet's bare metal

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K3s on Packet

K3s is the lightweight, easy to deploy and easy to manage certified Kubernetes distribution, and it runs perfectly on Packet.

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