Experience GNS3® on Bare Metal

Get Started with $25 in Credit from Packet

GNS3 has partnered with Packet to provide simple, powerful and on-demand infrastructure.  

Unlike other cloud providers like AWS and Google that provide virtual machines, Packet gives you 100% dedicated servers in just minutes - making it perfect for GNS3, but also your other cloud workloads - from VMWare to Docker and beyond.  

Kick the tires with $25 in credit, and a special 30% discount on committed monthly usage - only available to the GNS3 community!

Looking for GNS3 installation instructions?  Click here!

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Sign up and get $25 in credit!

Packet is a proud supporter of the GNS3 community, as well as other open source projects like Memcached.org, Alpine Linux, Kernel.org and more.

Easy Installation

Packet and GNS3 have worked to make it super simple to get GNS3 installed on bare metal. Questions? Just ask us!

Deploy in Minutes

Packet machines deploy in just 6-10 minutes, depending on the size. This means you can get to running your simulations quickly.

Hourly or Monthly

Spin machines up an down for hourly usage, or take advantage of a special "GNS3 on Packet" offer to save on a monthly server.