Dallas (DFW2)

Core Cloud Location

Strap on Your (Big Boy) Cowboy Boots

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has long been a major market for scale out data center footprints due to its central location in the US and relatively inexpensive power and real estate.  So it is no surprise that Packet is showing up in the Lonestar State with a core facility.

As a core facility, DFW2 includes all of the creature comforts you expect: from block storage and a deep stock of diverse configs, to plenty of room for custom Private Deployments.  It is also home to our first GPU deployment, and available for large scale Proof of Concept projects as part of our "Ludicrous POC" program. 

So put down the BBQ and tighten up those stirrups - it's time to make some magic happen in DFW2.    

Available Configs & Services

  • limited
  • normal
  • normal
  • normal
  • normal

Additional Features