Our Edge Solution

We'll be rolling out our formal product in 2019, with early access available now.

Our Edge Solution

The Edge is complex and evolving at quickly - as we like to say "software speed!" That's why we're working closely with a range of ecosystem partners, from real estate to network providers and up the stack to open source software, to provide an infastructure delivery and automation solution built for the edge.

  • Architecture Agnostic Automation

    The Edge requires battle-tested automation to meet not only the scale but also deal with limited capacity, complex pricing and security.  One thing is for sure: we'll see a lot more diverse hardware at the Edge, from x86 and Arm to RISC-V and beyond.

  • Hardware Platforms

    We're reinventing the logistical "last 100 feet" to enable a flexible and cost-effective model for putting a few things in a lot of places.

  • Physical Location

    By definition, edge infrastructure is not located in traditional, far-flung data centers. That's why we're actively deploying in trials with major cell tower companies, as well as other types of real estate owners.

    • The Network

      As 5G and other technologies reshape the network, Edge Computing has the opportunity to be at the epicenter of the biggest evolution of the internet in its history.  Our work with major carriers around the world, as well as critical software communities and hardware providers, ensures a front row seat.

      Don't see what you need? Need a platform demo? Contact us so we can chat about options, and help you get the most out of our platform.