Edge Computing for a Cloud Native World

We're reinventing the IT delivery model, so those that care can deploy what they want, where they want,  and when they want it.

We believe that Edge Computing will be radically different than the public cloud - and it's not because of robot surgery and flying taxis just yet! Instead, the edge is being driven by the opportunity to engage in a deep manner with billions of people and trillions of devices in a cost-effective way. 

So how do you do it? Well, we think that you put the compute closer to the eyeballs and devices, and you start to use more specialized (versus generic) hardware to drive down cost while increasing performance. 

To meet this challenge of putting a lot of special things in hundreds or thousands of locations, we need to evolve the delivery model, the network model, and the way infrastructure interacts with software substantially.  That's why we're working closely with all layers of the ecosystem - from hadware innovators and the supply chain, up through real estate and capital partners, and of course into the network and software ecosystems. 

"The disruptive potential of edge computing is fueled by the unprecedented growth of data, the imminent impact of 5G networks, the growing importance of latency and regulation in dealing with data, and the emergence of a distributed computing architecture that favors specialized hardware like GPU’s and offloads. As a result, infrastructure, in general, is starting to evolve at “software speed” – iterating rapidly and attracting a wide array of contributors."

Ihab Tarazi, CTO @ Packet


State of the Edge Report

Read the collaborative report we produced with industry leaders.
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