We're Building a "Go Anywhere" Cloud Model

Our vision for the Edge includes thousands of locations, specialized hardware, and diverse wireless and connectivity capabilities - all designed with a developer experience in mind.

We believe that Edge Computing will be radically different than the public cloud - and it's not because of robot surgery and flying taxis just yet! Instead, the edge is being driven by the opportunity to engage in a deep manner with billions of people and trillions of devices in a cost-effective way. 

So how do you do it? Well, we think that you put the compute closer to the eyeballs and devices, and you start to use more specialized (versus generic) hardware to drive down cost while increasing performance. 

To meet this challenge we need to evolve the delivery model, the network model, and the way infrastructure interacts with software substantially. That's why we're working closely with all layers of the ecosystem - from hardware innovators and the supply chain, up through real estate and capital partners, and of course into the network and software ecosystems. 

Target Use Cases

Smart Cities

Cities both big and small are competing for talent and businesses by modernizing everything from public safety to amenities like urban WiFi.

In Building I.T.

The I.T. closet is making a come back! From productivity to entertainment, applications are increasingly immersive and reliant on low latency computing.

Airports & Transit

Airports are like cities unto themselves: highly regulated and congested ones!  From security to retail, airports are embracing compute-heavy technologies to gain efficiency. 


From the living room to the football stadium, real time gaming, e-sports and more are converging to create new kinds of immersive entertainment. 


Mobility is transforming in front of our eyes. As our cars, buses and planes become more connected and data-driven the need for localized compute is starting to emerge.

Industrial / IoT

Farms are looking a lot more like factories, and factories are being made more productive through A.I., IoT and connected supply chains. 

Smart Retail

Store automation, analytics, and value-added services are quickly pushing cloud-style compute into thousands of retail locations around the world.

Telco & Wireless

With 5G investments and disaggregation, Telcos are often described as the first edge computing use case.

Our Edge Sites

We’re deploying sites that bring together a variety of assets: unique locations, diverse connectivity partners and a range of technologies / architectures. From football stadiums to co-working spaces, we’re creating real-life “laboratories” to help chart the course towards a scalable and compelling edge computing ecosystem. Eash site includes:

  • 100% automated bare metal in various configurations
  • Packet’s complete platform, including leading DevOps integrations
  • x86 and Armv8 architecture support
  • Automated cloud interconnection to leading public clouds (Packet Connect)
  • Diverse wireless & connectivity options (IP transit, CBRS Wireless, Private MPLS, WiFi)

Foxborough, MA

This site is located next the home of the New England Patriots (Gillette Stadium) in a mobile edge datacenter at an SBA Communications tower site.

Chicago, IL

This site is located in a densely populated area of North Chicago, about a mile from the home of the Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field) in a Vapor IO chamber.

Chicago, IL

This site is located near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, inside a Vapor IO chamber.

New sites are being added regularly, please contact us for further details.

Edge Alliance Program

Our Edge Access Program accelerates open source and commercial use cases by providing access to edge infrastructure, technology partnerships and expertise.  

Participants in the program get first access to Packet edge sites as they become available and can work collaboratively with a broad range of ecosystem partners to influence deployment and characteristics and product development.

The program is free. The only requirement is a willingness to engage, to prove out big ideas, and to share learnings as possible!

Request Access

Request Access

Don't see what you need? Need a platform demo? Contact us so we can chat about options, and help you get the most out of our platform.