Introducing the Edge Metal Private Beta

As part of Equinix, we are driven to meet the needs of businesses driving innovation in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. Building upon our core bare metal technology, we are working closely with customers to hone our roadmap in a limited Private Beta.

Taking our bare metal to the edge is why we joined Equinix. We’re excited to work closely with customers who are interested in pushing the boundaries as we extend our platform. 

  • Automated ECX Interconnection
  • Support for Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Federated Identity
  • Availability Zones
  • Security Groups
  • Advanced Private Networking

Interested? Let's Talk

"The convergence of 5G, Edge computing and AI is sparking a whole new level of innovation. We are excited about the value that our collaboration with Equinix can bring to our joint clients needing a Metro Edge bare metal partner with a global footprint where they can build and deploy cloud native applications using IBM Cloud Paks and IBM Edge Application manager."

Dr Evaristus Mainsah, General Manager, Cloud Pak Ecosystem at IBM
Dr Evaristus Mainsah