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Increase revenue and reduce operational costs with custom, fully automated infrastructure. Deploy hassle-free in markets worldwide.

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Target Use-Cases

Packet’s Edge Cloud delivers the experience of our bare metal public cloud, but with the customization of location, hardware and environment necessary for at scale service providers and Enterprises. Deploy into existing sites in <7 days, or to 50+ global markets in <90 days. 

Smart Cities

Cities both big and small are competing for talent and businesses by modernizing everything from public safety to amenties like urban WiFi.

In Building I.T.

The I.T. closet is making a come back! From productivity to entertainment, applications are increasingly immersive and reliant on low latency computing.

Airports & Transit

Airports are like cities unto themselves: highly regulated and congested ones!  From security to retail, airports are embracing compute-heavy technologies to gain efficiency. 


From the living room to the football stadium, real time gaming, e-sports and more are converging to create new kinds of immersive entertainment. 


Mobility is transforming in front of our eyes. As our cars, buses and planes become more connected and data-driven the need for localized compute is starting to emerge.

Industrial / IoT

Farms are looking a lot more like factories, and factories are being made more productive through A.I., IoT and connected supply chains. 

Smart Retail

Store automation, analytics, and value-added services are quickly pushing cloud-style compute into thousands of retail locations around the world.

Telco & Wireless

With 5G investments and disaggregation, Telcos are often described as the first edge computing use case.

Ivo Rook

"With Packet's developer-friendly bare metal, we're able to take our Curiosity™ IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days of less. This is simply unheard of."

Ivo Rook
SVP of IoT at Sprint

A Trusted Partner to Enable Your Digital Business

From telecom and security to media and SaaS, Packet's Edge cloud helps companies improve user experience and reduce costs with globally available, highly connected edge infrastructure.

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