This roadmap highlights our planned / upcoming feature releases. Have suggestions or questions? Email us and let us know!


Hashicorp Packer Builder for Packet

Consolidated, Detailed Statements

Stratum NTP Service

PTP Server (Accurate Time)

L2 Network Enhancements

Packet Connect (AWS)

Packet Connect (Private Cross Connects)

Packngo Library to 1.0

Add Support for Managing PTR / rDNS Records

Ability to define a custom gateway in your Project

Hardware Health (PacketWatch)

In Progress

Packet Connect (GCP)

k3s as an Installable OS

Advanced OS (VMware, etc) Installation Workflow

Hybrid L2/L3 Over Bonded Interface


Billing and Usage Details API Endpoint

Kubermatic Support

Pittsburgh Datacenter (Custom Cloud)

Phoenix Datacenter (Custom Cloud)

Updated Libcloud Driver

Native VLAN

Ability to disable public network on a host

Kubespray Support (Arm)

Block Storage in DFW2

Improved Gardener Support

Terraform: Packet Connect Support

Terraform: Backend Transfer Support

Terraform: Support for Layer 2

c2.large.arm (Ampere eMag) Release

n2.xlarge (Quad NIC) Config

Improved Kubespray Support

Terraform: BGP Support

Expanded Dallas Datacenter

Pulumi Support

Gardener Support

Doorman VPN in All Facilities

GPU server config type

Dublin Datacenter

SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES)

Kubernetes CSI Plugin (alpha)

Kubernetes CCM Plugin (alpha)

Terraform: Support for Spot Market

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Global Backend Transfer in SJC1

Proxmox VE

Kubernetes CSI Plugin for Packet

Official CLI Client for Packet API

Global Elastic IPs (Packet IP Space)

Enable Layer 2 VLAN/VxLAN in AMS1

Ubuntu 18.04

OpenSUSE Support

Fog Provider Integration

Bulk Unlock for Servers

StackpointCloud Integration

Support NixOS on ARMv8

Global Backend Transfer

Marseille Datacenter

Enable Layer 2 VLAN/VxLAN in EWR1

Ability to reimage server

Reinstall Instance w/Existing IPs

Debian 9 on x86 Machines

Portal UI Improvements/Fixes

Ability to designate a billing email address or contact for invoices, billing notices, etc.

New Portal / Organizations 1.0

Type S Server Configuration in AMS

Block Storage in NRT1

Windows on Type 1E

Volume support for Kubernetes

FreeBSD on ARMv8 Machines

Debian 8 / 9 on Type 2a

Enable Layer 2 VLAN/VxLAN in Edge Locations

Windows 2016 Support

Expanded Terraform Support

Updated GoLang Library

Frankfurt Datacenter

Ability to choose a different OS when reinstalling a server via UI

Ubuntu 17 on x86 and ARMv8

Custom Partitioning & RAID (CPR)

Custom User State

Persist PXE on Reboot

Block Storage in SJC1

Type S Storage Server

Enable Layer 2 VLAN/VxLAN in NRT1

ESXi 6.5 On Demand

ESXi 6.0 On Demand

Reserved Hardware

Support NixOS as an Official Operating System on x86

ESXi 5.5 On Demand

Virtuozzo on Packet

CentOS on Type 2a

BYO-OS Support via Custom iPXE

Ansible Support

Customer VPN to Backend Network

Scientific Linux Support

Project Specific SSH Key Support

Type 2 ARMv8 Server Available Globally

Tokyo Datacenter

Self-Serve BGP Support

Spot Market for Bare Metal

Backend Transfer Across All Edge Locations

FreeBSD On Demand

Windows On Demand

RancherOS On Demand

Terraform Provider Support for Block Storage

Image Based Installs for Standard OS's

Cloning Block Storage Volumes

Capacity Insights / Transparency

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Automatic Reverse DNS (PTR/IP6.ARPA)

TPM Support (Trusted Computing) for CoreOS

Open SJC1 Facility (Beta)

Open AMS1 Facility (Beta)

AMS1 (Out of Beta)

SJC1 (Out of Beta)

Image Based Installs for Ubuntu

Remote Console Improvements

ClusterHQ / Flocker Driver

Block Storage Snapshot Improvements

Chicago Edge Sites (ORD2/ORD3)

BOS2 Edge Site

Cloud Connect GA (Azure)

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