Support for Open Software Projects

Packet's passion is infrastructure at the most fundamental level.  We don't go "up the stack" but instead support innovation in software however we can.

Packet is a relatively small company, but we put our resources where our mouths are when it comes to open source and community projects that we all depend on.

Our approach is simple: tell us what you need. Build servers?  Mirrors?  Access for your growing community?  Let's chat, and see how we can help you, much like we have assisted friends at, FreeBSD, NixOS, Golang, and dozens more.

Got a project? Let us know!

In addition to our direct support, we also have a few formalized partnerships with:

CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab

Packet is a committed supporter of th cloud native software movement. To help expand access by the community to expensive infrastructure, we partnered with the CNCF to create the Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL).

Works on ARM Ecosystem Project

Works on Arm is a collaborative ecosystem development effort between Packet and Arm.  The project provides free access to systems from Cavium, Qualcomm, Marvell, Ampere, and HiSilicon.

Accelerate with Optane

The goal of this project is to help open source and select commercial software communities get quick access to Intel® Optane™ enabled servers for testing, validation and optimization.

Don't see what you need? Need a platform demo? Contact us so we can chat about options, and help you get the most out of our platform.