Users can deploy the following licensed Operating Systems on various on-demand or reserved configurations at Packet. Licensing charges for RedHat Enterprise Linux are a fixed rate of $0.15/hr regardless of server type, core count, and socket count. Licensing for Windows Server is charged at a rate of $0.01/hr per physical CPU core on single socket server instances and $0.02/hr per physical CPU core on dual socket server instances.

  RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 SLES 12 SP3 Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2016 Standard Windows 2019 Standard
t1.small.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
c3.small.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
c3.medium.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr
m3.large.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr
c1.small.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
c1.large.arm $0.15/hr
s3.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
c2.medium.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
c1.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
m1.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
m2.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
n2.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
x2.xlarge.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr
x1.small.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr $0.01/hr
s1.large.x86 $0.15/hr $0.15/hr $0.01/hr
g2.large.x86 $0.15/hr $0.01/hr