VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu is a Kubernetes runtime that allows you to install and run a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment on any infrastructure, like public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem, helping to build a hybrid cloud. With Tanzu, multiple, colocated Kubernetes clusters can be orchestrated from a single control plane with the goal of modernizing your applications and infrastructure to deliver better application.

Benefits of VMWare Tanzu

  • Remains cloud neutral, running on any cloud and removes the need to make operating system considerations to run enterprise-grade Kubernetes.
  • Provides a self-service UI for managing workloads and policies across clusters and vSphere/Kubernetes have automation-friendly APIs.
  • Offers built-in application catalog that is populated with public Helm chart applications.

Find more information on VMware Tanzu here!

Want to get started with Tanzu on Packet? You’re one click away from installing Tanzu using our Automated Tanzu Installer. You may need a VMware Tanzu license to get everything working correctly.

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