Everything you need to run a container-based infrastructure in the cloud.

Cloud 66 is a complete solution for building, running and maintaining containerized apps in production. Using Cloud 66 tools developers can build images directly from their code, with Skycap and deploy and manage containers in production on bare metal, public cloud, or both with Maestro.
Skycap: A Container Native CI/CD Solution for Developers
Skycap is a container native CI/CD solution that allows you to build your image from the source code in a reliable and repeatable way. It takes your code from your git repository and runs your docker build workflow step by step. It can produce more than one image and comes complete with an intuitive UI and private Docker repository.
Skycap is fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Maestro for deployment and maintenance of your container-based applications in production. Skycap can also be used with other container management tools.

Maestro: An Application Management Solution backed by Kubernetes

Maestro is a full stack Application Management platform. With support for containers (backed by Kubernetes) and complete with support for non-container parts of your infrastructure including firewalls and network, databases (provisioning, monitoring, backups and replication), security and ACL access control, OS and server level security monitoring, deployment workflow management, and native DB and storage components and more.

Maestro is fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Skycap. It can also be used with any container workflow tool and CI/CD. You can think of Maestro as a dedicated DevOps person in your team.

We believe that your application infrastructure does not end just with containers. That's why as well as providing great orchestration and deployment features for containers, Maestro also gives you a full and native support for your favorite databases and non-database services like file storage, network and firewalls and security monitoring and access control.

Also, check out Cloud 66 for Rails and Cloud 66 for Node products for your monolithic applications.

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