Two-factor authentication (2FA) allows you to configure an additional means of authentication on your account, helping to reduce the risk of account takeover or other malicious activity.

To setup 2FA on your account, simply visit 'User Icon' -> 'Security' and follow the instructions. Packet currently supports 2FA authentication via an authenticator app or SMS text message. Data rates may apply.

Once the 2FA is set up, you will be able to get 10 Recovery Codes which can be used to access your account in the event you lose access to your server and cannot receive two-factor authentication codes.

When logging into Packet, you will be prompted with an additional login step after entering your password, either by entering the code from your favorite 2-factor app, or the text message you receive via SMS.

If have no way to receive the authentication code, you can use on of the 10 recovery codes mentioned above.

If you do not have recovery codes & get locked out or replace your phone, please email [email protected] for support and our team can assist!

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