Maintenance Events

Scheduled maintenance

We do our best to ensure maximum uptime at Packet, but sometimes we still need to perform maintenance operation on our server racks--or even entire datacenters--to make upgrades or repairs to the network back bone, power supply, or server hardware. Therefor, you may occasionally encounter scheduled downtime. In such instances, minimizing the customer impact and helping you prepare for the event and possible downtime is our first priority.

Advanced Notice

Most Scheduled maintenance will be announced two weeks in advance in order to allow our customers to prepare for the outage, if they are effected. However, expedited maintenance events may only receive 3 days advanced notice. Given such short notice, we would work to minimize the duration of any outage, and minimize the impact to customers. If we must perform an emergency maintenance operation all effected customers will receive an RFO after the event is completed, as you may not receive prior warning of the maintenance event or related outages.

Email Notifications

If we have determined that any packet services you are using will be impacted by a scheduled maintenance event, you will receive a notice by email informing you of which servers will be effected and how. If your organization was assigned a Packet account representative then they may contact you directly. If multiple parties within your organization must be informed of any maintenance events that may effect your servers or service, then you may add a centralized, maintenance email to your packet organization via the organization settings.

Status Page

In addition to user emails, maintenance events will be announced on our status page, where you can track the operation's progress and subscribe for updates. If a maintenance event is not posted on the status page, all effected users will be notified by email.

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