As part of our Public Cloud, we stock a curated set of server configurations that are perfect for common use cases. If hardware fails with any of these standard public cloud configurations, our SLA requires us to give you another machine. Since Packet does not keep an agent on a machine once it is provisioned, customers are responsible for monitoring the health of their hardware, such as disk drives. If hardware fails or becomes problematic, customers can request a new machine and advise our support team of any hardware issue. We do not provide a migration service for your data.

For specialized workloads, we can provide customized configurations (available on a contract). Interacting with custom configurations is similar to our public cloud, but inventory is more limited. If there is a problem with custom hardware, users can leverage on-demand instances in our Public Cloud or tap into dedicated “spares” — extra machines that are reserved for just this purpose.

No matter the use case, we highly encourage a thoughtful approach to high-availability. Sparing is an excellent tool and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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