Pricing & Discounts

We know that pricing is a big deal when it comes to cloud services, and we try to keep it as simple as possible. That being said, we find that a real-time conversation can really help you understand the various options we offer to help you and your company get the most value from your infrastructure.

Packet’s standard pricing for public cloud services like compute, network and storage are kept updated on our website. You’ll find hourly list rates for all servers, and per unit pricing for other metered services like egress bandwidth, Elastic IP’s, etc. For licensed OS's pricing scheme check here.

For our public cloud we provide discounts based upon both volume and length of commitment. You can secure a quote from our sales team (just hit us up via live chat, or fill out a contact form for contracts that are based on monthly, annual or multi-year terms. For those that need more flexibility, we also offer discounts based upon revenue commitments.

With our Enterprise Edge cloud we also offer a variety of custom deployment options, including private facilities, non-standard infrastructure and various software tools. Please contact us to schedule a conversation.

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