Rack Level Diversity

Packet offers single-tenant, dedicated servers in its cloud. This requires a more nuanced approach to diversity planning that involves switch pairs as points of failure (for redundancy we deploy a pair of switches per rack).

Depending on a variety of factors — including the size of each of our global facilities — servers may be available in multiple racks.

Although users are not able to query rack information in advance of a deploy, we do provide a Switch ID hash (in the Portal or via our API) as part of the details for any already-deployed instance. Each Switch ID hash represents a switch pair, which allows you to understand the diversity of your infrastructure.

If you are looking to achieve a certain diversity (or concentration) of infrastructure, these are your options: On Demand: You can destroy and then provision another available server to achieve a particular setup. We cannot always provide the diversity. Reserved: We can work with you to provide the needed setup, pending availability.

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