Integrations & Libraries

While you can curl our API directly, most users leverage an API library in a language of their choice.

We maintain official libraries in a variety of popular programming languages (including Golang, PHP and Ruby) as well as a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. View the full list.

Official Integrations

Many users interact with our platform through tools like Ansible, Terraform or Libcloud. While each of these tools have their own special approach, they essentially all help you manage infrastructure across environments and cloud providers.

Packet and its community maintain drivers (often called 'providers') for these tools, which means there is native support available. A good example is Terraform.

You can also take a look at our full list of orchestration tools.

Hosted Integrations

This is the easiest of them all!

Various 3rd party platforms such as, Cloud66 and have directly integrated with the Packet API. This means you simply need to have an active Packet account and an API key to get started. Grab your API key from the Packet portal, provide it in the portal of the integration you’re working with, and you should be off to the races. Check out our partner solutions for further details.

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