November 26th, 2018

Improved Deployment & Spot Market Views

At Packet, you can currently deploy servers under three pricing models: 

  1. On Demand - Simple hourly pricing for stock configs available in our global pool.
  2. Reserved - Contracted servers, reserved on a monthly or annual basis for a discount.
  3. Spot Market - Dynamically priced instances that can be revoked based upon other bids.

To provide better visibility into these three options we have enhanced the deploy screens in our portal. When you click to add a new server, you can now “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Select the desired option and you’ll be taken to a deployment flow customized for that option.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Spot Market Request Management

To make it easier to deploy and manage spot instances, we have rolled out a few improvements. Previously, deploying a spot instance was mainly an API experience. You can now bid / deploy easily through our portal. Yay!

We have also created a section under Project Settings so that you can view, edit and terminate any active Spot Market requests. 

Spot Market Bid Management