November 20th, 2018

Deprovision Speed Improvements

We are pleased to announce a follow-on to our 60 Second Installs feature, which started rolling out in September. This time, we’re chopping off the time it takes for servers to deprovision!  

Users can now supply two new parameters (via the API) when performing a reinstall. These parameters preserve data and speed up the time it takes for an instance to deprovision. This is especially awesome for reinstalls.

These two parameters are:

preserve_data: true/false (default: false)  

If true no non-root disks will be touched during a reinstall. So any data volumes will be retained.

deprovision_fast: true/false (default: false)  

If true disk wipes will be skipped during a reinstall, cutting turnaround time. 

Going forward, we’re excited to extend controls available as part of deprovision_fast to further speed up reinstalls. 

Please note: this feature is currently available only via the API.