April 13th, 2018

Bulk Action for Servers

As of today, you now have access to bulk action. With bulk action it should be much simpler for you to manage large numbers of servers within your project. Currently, the available bulk actions are power on/off, lock/unlock, reboot, reinstall, and delete. 

To apply bulk changes you have the option to add a filter first. You can filter by just about any criteria depending on what the goals is. Then you can select all or some servers to apply the action to. To illustrate here are some example use cases:

  • Reboot all or some servers per location
  • Lock servers with a specific tag
  • Power off servers by IP address
  • Unlock servers by hostname
  • Delete servers by configuration

Since "Reinstall" and "Delete" are critical actions and could be disastrous for a project if you accidentally perform these actions, you must first confirm the action by typing ‘delete’ or reinstall’ before completing the request.

The bulk action feature is currently available on desktop only (not yet on mobile). You can also still apply server actions on a per server basis, but having the bulk action option will aid in better manageability and overall efficiency.

See below for a few screenshots illustrating bulk delete and bulk reinstall. As always if you have any further questions, please email us!