March 22nd, 2018

Backend Transfer

Backend transfer is one of our newer features that allows your servers to communicate with each other within a single facility, as well as between Packet facilities— even across the globe— using private RFC1918 address space. There’s no need to assign additional IP space or configure anything additional on the hosts. Existing devices across facilities will be able to communicate with each other without any additional configuration. The only restriction on backend networking is that all of your servers must be within a single project. 

This feature ensures that when you’re syncing data between sites, you are doing so in a private and secure manner, without needing to worry about establishing VPN tunnels or communicate via the internet. 

For further details about how to enable backend transfer on your project we suggest taking a look at our documentation.  

Backend transfer is currently supported in our AMS1, EWR1, and NRT1 core sites. SJC1 will be enabled pending network upgrades, and support for the Edge facilities will follow soon. 

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