August 17th, 2018

A Different Kind of Change Log - Introducing New Packet Team Members

If you’re a regular in our community slack, you may have seen a number of new handles ending in .packet. We’ve been growing across the organization and it’s about time we introduced some of these fine folks who have joined this year in one, easy-to-read place. Welcome to the herd, y’all!

Ihab Tarazi (CTO) - Aside from his awesome sauce resume (CTO at Equinix, big wig at Verizon) the best fact about Ihab is that he’s an identical twin, just like our founders Jacob and Zac. Originally from Palestine, Ihab lives in Burlingame, CA with his wife Susan and two kids where he is a Soul Cycle addict.

Thao Nguyen (VP Technical Operations and Hardware Platforms) - Thao comes to us from Facebook after 8 years, where he built lots of Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware. How many? Like 1.2 million of them! He lives in San Jose with his wife - his two children are now in college in Boston. Fun fact: Thao’s first day on the job featured a ridiculous comedy of errors that involved flights to Vancouver, Tokyo and finally Taipei for a week at Compudex.  

Matias Berrueta (developer) - Matias comes to Packet from an insurance company - snooze!  ;-)  He lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and two daughters (12 years and 6 months), where he’s a shameless Star Wars and Marvel fan, as well as a terrible guitar player.

Shahar Mintz (Production Engineer) - Shahar comes to us from Facebook, where he worked in Production Engineering. He lives in Tel Aviv with his girlfriend and 11-month old baby boy. Fun fact: when Shahar visits the NYC office he brings awesome Halva and his own Nespresso pods because "they just don't taste the same...."

Chris Wright (Director, Revenue Marketing) - Chris comes to us from Platform9 where he ran Revenue Marketing. We’re not sure what his title means exactly, but we are really glad to have his Salesforce and lead gen ninja moves! Before tech marketing, Chris spent 16 years playing soccer including two years on the San Jose Earthquakes academy and reserves team. Based in Sunnyvale, CA he can frequently be found sneaking off to Maui (which he considers his second home).

Philip Cristiano (Production Engineer) - Philip started his career as a backend developer, working primarily with Python. At Packet, he works to build and maintain tools to improve the reliability of the Packet service. He lives in Philadelphia with his partner, son, and two cats. Fun fact: He spends his spare time working on esoteric language and operating system combinations, ensuring he'll never deploy it professionally.

Linda Hemerik (Product Manager) - Linda is originally from the Netherlands, which is not only a very flat country, but one of the best interconnection markets in the world. Before Packet, she was an entrepreneur in the payments space. When not whipping JIRA or the engineering team into shape, she spends time with her awesome, soccer-playing family.

Silvia Olivares (Executive Assistant) - Silvia is a master of schedules, social events, and spicy hot sauce. She keeps a collection of hot sauce on her desk, and gladly accepts bribes in the form of new and exotic condiments. 

Brian Wong (Regional Director, West Coast) - Don’t let Brian’s spiky hair fool you...he’s really a super sweet guy, which comes in handy as he leads our West Coast business. His background?  Sales, partner channel development, and wedding photography (he got his first gig in high school and never stopped). He lives just outside of San Francisco with his wife and two young daughters. Fun fact: Brian often sacrifices sleep to create time for his passions of photography, gaming, watching sports/movies and living that Dad Life.    

Emiliano Jankowski (Developer) - Emiliano is back for his second stint at Packet, after a two-year break. Originally from Argentina, “Emi” moved to Menorca (Spain) a few years ago in search of amazing scuba diving. He lives there with his wife, two daughters, and dog.

Carl Perry (Senior Customer Success Engineer) - Based in beautiful Round Rock, TX Carl is a veteran of Rackspace, Dreamhost, and Red Hat. His not so secret tech passion is RISC-V, followed closely by Arm. Fun fact: Carl converted a 199x famous car into an electric vehicle in 2002.

Patrick DeVivo (Lead Engineer) - Patrick was born and raised in New York City with a stint in Amherst, Massachusetts for school. He likes to cook and explore New York for food spots (he asked that we shamelessly plug his “classic_nyc_eats” instagram), and he is slightly embarrassed to admit he’ll still build an occasional lego set. This complements his real job at Packet, which is to engineer open source solutions.  

Billy & Stacy (Manny’s new goats) - Manny has 2.14 acres in the middle of the Miami burbs and programmers be lazy so "lets get a mini horse to eat the grass" works well during non-rainy season... but the mini horse gets backed up during summer months. Also herd animals are lonely in a herd where `len(herd) == 1` so we got him some co-workers that are now like family. We call them Stacy and Billy.