Support for Open Software Projects

Our passion is infrastructure. We don't go "up the stack" but support software however we can.

“Packet's fantastic support for the open source community aligns directly with the values we share at Kinvolk.”

Andrew Randall, Kinvolk
Andrew Randall, Kinvolk

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects does Packet support?

Packet is a relatively small company, but we put our resources where our mouths are. Open source projects that impact core aspects of the internet receive priority support.

How does Packet support projects?

Our approach is simple: tell us what you need. Build servers? Mirrors?  Access for your growing community?  Let's chat, and see how we can help you.

Does everyone get a server?

Unfortunately, we cannot support every project. Sometimes we get too many requests from one community and cannot approve each opportunity. 

In addition to our direct support, we have a number of formalized partnerships, including:

CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab

Packet is a committed supporter of the cloud native software movement. To help expand access by the community to expensive infrastructure, we support the CNCF with resources for their Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL).

Arm Ecosystem Enablement

WorksOnArm is a collaboration between Packet and Arm that encourages adoption of the Arm architecture in the datacenter. The project provides sponsored access to high powered systems from Marvell, Ampere, and others.

Accelerate with Optane

This collaborative project with Intel helps to ensure that open source and select commercial software communities get quick access to Intel® Optane™ enabled servers for testing, validation and optimization.