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Coming Soon s3.xlarge.x86

Building your own data lake? Our latest generation storage box is perfect for CEPH, ZFS, object storage, Kafka and more!

Not too Hot, Not too Cold

This storage box is just right.  :)

Depending how you look at it, storage is the building block of your application, or the Achilles heel. We've listened hard to our most demanding users about their storage needs, and the result is an upgrade to our previous configuration with 400% more storage, 50% more memory, and 55% faster CPU. 

With a reasonable per hour price of $1.85, the s3.xlarge.x86 is perfect for CEPH, ZFS, object storage, Kafka and other bulk data storage use cases

Hardware Specs

  • 24 Physical Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    (2 x Intel Xeon 4214)
  • 192 GB of ECC RAM
  • 2 x 240GB SSD
  • 2 x 960GB SSD
  • 96TB
    (12 x 8TB 7,200RPM HDD w/ Instant Secure Erase)
  • 20 Gbps Bonded Network
    (2 x Intel x710 w/ LACP)


OS Support

CentOS 7

Debian 10

“With Packet’s developer-friendly bare metal, we’re able to take our Curiosity IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days of less.  This is simply unheard of.”

Ivo Rook | SVP of IoT @ Sprint