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With dual Intel Scalable Xeon Gold 5120 processors, you get 28 physical cores, 384 GB of RAM, a beefy 3.8 TB NVMe drive and four network ports for $2.25/hr. 

The Telco & VMware Box

We thought for sure that our wildly popular m2.xlarge would fit just about every need. Ends up we were missing one important element: more network ports!

On the network side, we've replaced our the dual port Mellanox ConnectX-4 with a quad-port Intel x710 NIC, giving you 4 x 10Gbps and lots of room for network segmentation.

The other specs? Dual Xeon Gold 5120 processors mean you get 28 physical cores with a 2.2Ghz base clock speed (3.2Ghz max turbo) and 384 GB of blazing fast RAM and a beefy 3.8 TB NVMe drive keep you at the top of the specifications chart (please note that some earlier configurations featured a 3.2 TB NVMe drive).  

Get ready to rock and roll for $2.25/hr.

Hardware Specs

  • 28 Physical Cores @ 2.2 GHz
    (2 x Xeon Gold 5120)
  • 384 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2 × 240 GB SSD
  • 3.8TB of NVMe Flash
  • Quad-port Intel x710
    (4 × 10Gbps w/ LACP)


  • EWR1
  • ATL2
  • ORD2
  • SJC1
  • DFW2
  • BOS2
  • ORD3
  • ORD4
  • PIT1
  • PHX1
  • LAX2

OS Support

Custom iPXE

Custom iPXE allows you to install a custom operating system manually or via automated kickstart.

Debian 9

Flatcar Linux - Stable

NixOS 19.03

Flatcar Linux - Alpha

CentOS 7

Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

CentOS 8

Debian 10

FreeBSD 12.1

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7

Licensed OS ($)

Flatcar Linux - Beta

Flatcar Linux - Edge

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

VMware ESXi 6.5

“With Packet’s developer-friendly bare metal, we’re able to take our Curiosity IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days or less.  This is simply unheard of.”

Ivo Rook | SVP of IoT @ Sprint