A powerhouse stocked with two Nvidia V100 32GB GPUs w/NVLINK, and supercharged with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6126 processors.

We all know that this is the GPU server we would build in our basement...if we had a small powerplant and a lot of cooling down there!  Fast cores (thanks to some Intel Xeon 6126 processors), fast RAM, and of course dual Nvidia V100 32GB cards with NVLINK.  

Hardware Specs

  • 24 Physical Cores @ 2.6 GHz
    (2 x Xeon Gold 6126)
  • 192 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2 × 120 GB SSD boot
  • 2 x 480GB SSD
  • 2 x Nvidia V100 32GB GPU w/NVLINK
  • 20Gbps Bonded Network
    (2 × 10Gbps w/ LACP)


  • DFW2

OS Support

Custom iPXE

Custom iPXE allows you to install a custom operating system manually or via automated kickstart.

CentOS 7

Debian 9

Nixos 19.03

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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