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Who needs more in life than 8 lightning fast cores and 32GB of RAM? Your compute-focused workload won't stand a chance!

Magic in a Box

Most people don't fall in love with servers, but this one may change your mind. Featuring an Intel Xeon E-2278G processor with an embedded UHD graphic 630 processor, this machine strikes the perfect balance for cloud native, CPU intensive, or graphics heavy workloads.    

Where else can you get a blazing fast 8 Core CPU (16 threads), 32GB RAM, 960 GB of enteprise SSD storage and 2 x 10Gbps network ports for $0.50 per hour?   

Hardware Specs

  • 8 Physical Cores @ 3.4 GHz
    (1 × Intel E-2278G)
  • 32 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 960 GB of SSD
    (2 × 480 GB)
  • 20 Gbps Bonded Network
    (2 x Intel x710 10Gbps w/ LACP)


OS Support

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu 19.04

CentOS 7

Debian 9

Debian 10

NixOS 19.03

Flatcar Linux - Stable

Flatcar Linux - Beta

Flatcar Linux - Alpha

Flatcar Linux - Edge

NixOS 18.03

NixOS 17.03

Debian 8

Custom iPXE

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7

“With Packet’s developer-friendly bare metal, we’re able to take our Curiosity IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days of less.  This is simply unheard of.”

Ivo Rook | SVP of IoT @ Sprint