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1st generation servers are still available throughout the Packet platform, but are not available to new users by default. To access older generation hardware, please contact us via [email protected] for details.

The Workhorse

This sweet, flexible configuration is quite possibly the app server of your dreams.

Built for a wide range of use cases, the c1.small is stocked with dual Enterprise SSD's, 32GB of fast ECC RAM, and 2 x 1Gbps ports for smooth sailing.  Powerful, affordable compute for a wide variety of situations .... that's why we lovingly call it "The Everyday Workhorse."

Hardware Specs

  • 4 Physical Cores @ 3.5 GHz
    (1 × E3-1240 v5)
  • 32 GB of DDR3 ECC RAM
    (2 × 16 GB)
  • 120 GB of SSD
    (2 × 120 GB in RAID 1)
  • 2Gbps Bonded Network
    (2 × 1Gbps w/ LACP)

OS Support

  • All
  • Popular
  • for Containers
  • Licensed
  • VMWare/ESXi

Flatcar Linux - Alpha

Flatcar Linux - Beta

Flatcar Linux - Edge

Flatcar Linux - Stable


RedHat Enterprise Linux 7


Windows 2012 R2

Windows 2016 Standard

VMware ESXi 6.5

VMware ESXi 7.0

FreeBSD 11.2

FreeBSD 12.1

NixOS 18.03

NixOS 19.03

OpenSUSE 42.3

Scientific Linux 6

Ubuntu 17.10

“With Packet’s developer-friendly bare metal, we’re able to take our Curiosity IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days or less.  This is simply unheard of.”

Ivo Rook | SVP of IoT @ Sprint