We believe that security is a mindset, not a feature set.  

Architecting for Peace of Mind

While we can't control the software you put on your servers, we  can ensure that the hardware you run it on is more than up to snuff: from obsessively wiped disks, to firmware and BIOS checks on every deprovision, we architected our platform with security top of mind.

  • No Keys, No Agent
  • Air Gapped Installs
  • Single Tenancy
  • Trusted Compute
  • Extensive Health Checking

Network security and traffic management go hand in hand. And since we're deeply committed to the wonderful and robust world of software focused on these things, we've decided to invest our muscle in common primitives that enable you to move faster. 

  1. Load Balancing
  2. Firewall
  3. VPN

Compliance and Policies

Privacy Policy

We're open about what information Packet and its service providers collect and share, and why we do it. Questions?  Let's talk!



As part of our SOC2 audit, we document & follow strict infosec policies and procedures relating to all aspects of customer data.



GDPR is designed to increase the protection of personal data for all EU residents regardless of where it is collected or stored. 


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