Our Network

We set out to make carrier grade networking features available to the cloud generation.

A Scalable Topology

Packet operates a pure Layer-3 network design with each server directly attached to a physical switch via either a 2 x 1 Gbps copper or 2 x 10 Gbps SFP + connections. 

This provides elastic, cloud-style networking without the sluggish characteristics often associated with multiple overlays. Each Packet server has dedicated dual network connections going into two Top-of-Rack (ToR) switches.

Bandwidth & Global Connectivity

Network bandwidth is always a prime concern for customers. Packet builds and operates our own global network with a focus on capacity and redundancy to meet your concerns. 

We offer tiered and custom bandwidth options based on customer usage with transparent information on data rates. Bandwidth pricing is dependant on data center location so customers in Asia will have higher rates.

Contact us to create a customized plan based upon volume or other needs. Generally, it makes sense for us to chat if you plan to push more than 250TB, or you have particular regional or business concerns

Egress Bandwidth


Bulk Bandwidth


Pro Features

From BGP to using your own IP space, we love it when you tap into the power of our network!

Backend Transfer
Elastic IPs
BGP & Anycast
Layer 2 / VXLAN
Custom ASN

Choice in IP address usage and routing options

Packet's platform supports a variety of IP address options and offers powerful routing features via both our portal and API.

  • IP Addressing
  • Routing Options
FEATURE Management IP Packet IP - Local Packet IP - Global Customer Provided IP (BYO-IP)
Availability GA GA GA GA
Included for free X X X
IPv4 + IPv6 Support
Routing Type Static management IP, lives and dies with server Static configureable on portal or API Static configureable on portal or API Static configureable on portal or API
Movable between Servers X
Movable between Packet Datacenters X X
IP Owner Packet Packet Packet Customer Provided
Portable to other Providers X X X
Onetime Fee Free Free Free $100
Minimum Quantity 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP /24 (256 IPs) + /48 (v6)
Service Cost Free Free Free $199/mo
Per IP Cost First Free $0.005/hr $3.60/mo $0.15/hour -
Transfer Cost (per-GB) N/A N/A $.05/GB ? Customer will be charged for inter-facility (“backbone”) transfer at the published rates.
FEATURE Management IP Elastic IP BGP
Availability GA GA GA
Included for free No
$0.005/hr ($3.60/mo)
IPv4 + IPv6
Routing Type Static Management IP, lives and dies with server Static Configureable on portal or API BGP
Install Charge Free Free Free
Monthly Service Charge Free Free Free

Direct Connect, Transit & Peering

Packet supports a wide variety of interconnection options from partners like PacketFabric. We operate an open peering policy seeking to connect with networks that share in our passion for building a superior user experience.

We are also active members of Open-IX working with industry colleagues to facilitate a densely interconnected internet ecosystem. Packet connects with networks via public peering (on shared exchange switches) and private interconnects depending on capacity requirements and specific use cases.

Proud Supporters of NYNOG

Don't see what you need? Need a platform demo? Contact us so we can chat about options, and help you get the most out of our platform.