Programmatic and Powerful, Together at Last

We set out to make carrier grade networking features available to the cloud generation.

The Six Features We Love Most

We could talk for hours about network, but here's what sets us apart.

BGP & Anycast

We support self-service BGP (both local and global) as well as Anycast, including our convenient Global Elastic IP address feature. Leverage popular BGP speakers such as Bird, ExaBGP or Quagga to control your advertisements. Native support for pure layer-3 based network plugins like Project Calico.

Layer 2 / VXLAN

Our network is designed around a pure Layer 3 network topology, where we bring a routed interface to each server.  However, many environments expect a Layer 2 network. Our Layer 2 feature allows you to provision between one and twelve project-specific Layer 2 networks within a project.

Custom ASN

Packet supports bringing your own IP space (/24 or larger block) to use in lieu of our own IPs -- and with our portal and API driven automation, you can use your IPs without the complexities of running your own colocation footprint and multi-homed network.

Flexible Addressing

Each server gets a Public IPv4, as well as a Private IPv4 and IPv6 from blocks assigned to your project. Elastic IPs can be requested and once assigned are instantly routable to any server within your project (based upon location).

Backend Transfer

All servers within a project can talk to each other via private RFC1918 address space (e.g. 10.x.x.x), which is not accessible to servers outside of that project. You can use this same method to communicate securely with servers in different Packet datacenters.

Deploy w/o Public IP

Often times the last thing you want is every machine in your cluster sitting on the public internet. Our Deploy without Public IP feature allows you to leverage backend transfer between servers, while routing all public traffic through a chosen host.

Bandwidth Pricing You Can Scale With

Egress bandwidth is just $0.05/GB globally. Bulk bandwidth rates as low as $.005/GB.

Get a Bandwidth Quote

Google Compute Platform

Starts at $0.12/GB As low as $.06/GB


Starts at $0.12/GB As low as $.06/GB

Amazon Web Services

Starts at $0.09/GB As low as $.05/GB

IBM Cloud

Starts at $0.09/GB As low as $.0475/GB


Starts at $0.087/GB As low as $.07/GB

Powerful. Flexible. Modern.

Packet's platform supports a variety of IP address options and offers powerful routing features via both our portal and API.

  • IP Addressing
  • Routing Options
FEATURE Management IP Packet IP - Local Packet IP - Global Customer Provided IP (BYO-IP)
Availability GA GA GA GA
Included for free Customer must provide their own validated IP block of /24 or larger
IPv4 + IPv6 Support
Routing Type Static management IP, lives and dies with server Static configureable on portal or API Static configureable on portal or API Static configureable on portal or API
Movable between Servers
Movable between Packet Datacenters
IP Owner Packet Packet Packet Customer Provided
Portable to other Providers
Setup Fee None None None None
Minimum Quantity 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP /24 (256 IPs) + /48 (v6)
Service Cost Free Free Free Free
Per IP Cost First Free $0.005/hr $3.60/mo $0.15/hour $109.50/mo $0 Customer provides the IPs.
Transfer Cost (per-GB) $0.05/GB Egress is $0.05/GB (including inter-facility) while ingress is free. Backend transfer can be utilized for reduced inter-facility (“backbone”) outbound transfer at $0.03/GB. $0.05/GB Egress is $0.05/GB (including inter-facility) while ingress is free. Varies In addition to $0.05/GB egress (including inter-facility), customers are charged inbound for inter-facility (“backbone”) transfer at $0.03/GB. $0.05/GB Egress is $0.05/GB (including inter-facility) while ingress is free.
FEATURE Management IP Elastic IP BGP
Availability GA GA GA
Included for free No
$0.005/hr ($3.60/mo)
IPv4 + IPv6
Routing Type Static Management IP, lives and dies with server Static Configureable on portal or API BGP
Install Charge Free Free Free
Monthly Service Charge Free Free Free