Platform Features

We're obsessed with making bare metal automation awesome. Seriously, check out these features!


60 Second Deploys

A single gaming server? A full Kubernetes cluster? No sweat! We've reduced most installs to under 60 seconds, so you can tap into bare metal faster than a VM at AWS.

Hourly Pricing

While we love monthly and annual commitments (seriously, call us!), all of our servers and add-on products are billed based upon hourly usage.

20+ Global Data Centers

With on-demand bare metal in global locations, we have your audience covered from Los Angeles to Tokyo and New York to Amsterdam!

Reserved Instances

Deploy bare metal servers from our public cloud with the guarantee of getting the exact same physical hardware - discounts for monthly and annual reservations. Nice!

Spot Market

Bid on spare capacity to reduce the cost of dynamic workloads by deploying additional capacity at reduced rates. Set the conditions of your bid, and submit!

Custom Hardware

Enjoy the benefits of custom hardware at any of our 20+ global data centers, while retaining the operational and automation benefits of our developer-friendly public cloud. 

Reinstall Feature

Provision a fresh instance on the same hardware, which is perfect if you want to keep the assigned IP addresses, user data, etc. Consider it a "do over."

Batch Installs

Packet offers customers an automated process to provision multiple bare metal servers in batch mode to rapidly install and deploy your service.

SOS (Serial over SSH) Console

Out of band access, for use when a server becomes unreachable due to broken networking, a bad install, misconfiguration, a kernel upgrade, bad firewall rules, etc.

Customer VPN

In addition to SSH only access, users can tap into our Customer VPN to (more) securely manage their infrastructure.

Device Tagging

Tagging is a feature allowing you to apply custom labels to a single device or multiple devices. Device tagging is purely for filtering purposes at this time.

Support When You Need It

We staff our IRC and Slack channels (in addition to live chat and email) 24 hours per day with experienced developers and network geeks ready to assist.


x86 (Intel and AMD) and Arm

We offer industry leading OEM / ODM partner hardware running x86 (Intel and AMD) and Armv8 in a variety of sizes to meet workload requirements.

Single Tenant

Spread out and relax as your isolated bare metal server is fully utilized by your workload without any virtualization overhead or noisy neighbors.

NVMe and SSD Storage

All of our public cloud server configurations include a variety of local storage, mainly enterprise SSD's or high performing NVMe flash drives.


We stock a variety of configurations with Nvidia GPU's (V100 and P4 models), and deploy custom systems via our Private Deployment model.

Mellanox and Intel NICs

Our configs feature the latest NICs from Mellanox (ConnectX4) and Intel (x710), providing massive throughput as well as direct access to advanced features like DPDK & VPP.

Object Storage Service

We've partnered with Backblaze and Wasabi to offer affordable access to scale out object storage solutions in both the US and Europe.

Block Storage Service

A multi-tenant block storage service (available in all of our core datacenters). Private single-tenant clusters are also available.

SGX and SEV Capable

Leverage Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) or AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to provide hardware level security for sensitive workloads.

Automation / Devops


Interact programmatically with all aspects of our platform using conventional HTTP requests. Whatever you can do via our portal, you can also do via our API!

Native API Libraries

Consume our API in with client libraries in popular languages like Golang, Ruby, Python, Java and PHP. See something that is missing? Let us know!

Metadata & Cloud-init Support

Packet's metadata service allows you to provide user data during provisioning time to customize your server during the boot process.

DevOps Integrations

From Terraform and Ansible, we're the most "integrated" bare metal platform on the market. Don't see an integration you use? Let us know!

Official CLI

The Packet CLI wraps our Golang SDK, allowing interaction with the Packet platform from an intuitive and powerful command-line interface.

Hosted Integrations

Leverage popular SaaS services from Cloud66, and others to deploy and manage your workload with ease.

Kubernetes Integrations

We work closely with the Kubernetes community to ensure a 1st class experience on Packet, including official CSI, CCM and Autoscaler support.  


For customers deploying VMs on their bare metal server, Packet enables VXLAN capabilities for VM movement within a data center.

Native Dual Stack (IPv4/IPv6)

We support the ability for customers to use both IPv4 and IPv6. Just remember: they aren't making more v4 address space, so at some point IPv6 is going to rule! ;-)

Elastic Addressing

Need some magic, floating IPs? Request them on a per-facility basis and assign them programmatically to your infrastructure. No more waiting for DNS!

Global Anycast IPs

The magic of an elastic IPv4 address, but flexible across our global datacenters. Useful for Anycast scenarios when you don't have your own AS to announce.

Backend Networking

Each Packet project includes private backend (non-routable) IP address space for direct server to server communication over an easy to use private network.

Global Backend Transfer

Extend your private backend transfer setup across our global facilities. Customers can use the same secure "backend transfer" approach to communicate across locations.

Layer 3 Topology

We designed our network in 2015, not 2005 - as such we deployed a fully Layer 3 topology to increase performance and flexibility. Extend Layer 2 with our powerful VXLAN capability.

BYO IP Space (Custom AS)

We support "Bring Your Own" IP space (/24 or larger block), so you can leverage your own AS instead of Packet IPs. We can suggest reputable IP brokers if you are in the market!

Local & Global BGP

Power dynamic, resilient setups using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), either within a Packet facility (local) or across many facilities (global). Note: Global BGP requires your own AS, whereas Local BGP does not.


Packet enhances packet processing workloads using the DPDK libraries supporting both x86 and ARM servers.

Operating Systems

Custom iPXE / Custom Image

Packet offers customers the ability to use a custom operating system image as well as a customized iPXE boot image.

RHEL7, Windows Server 2016, SLES

We support industry standard licensed operating systems from leading vendors including Microsoft, Red Hat, and SUSE.

Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, OpenSUSE

Packet offers and supports these well-known open source Linux operating systems to customers in the cloud.

Image Pinning

With image pinning, you can reference and install a particular release version of any of Packet official image (or even a custom image). This allows you to test and move to newer images at your own pace.

Container Friendly

If you're a fan of containers, we offer on-demand access to Flatcar Linux, NixOS and other minimalist operating systems.


SSH Access

While each new Packet server has a root password assigned, it is removed from the customer portal after 24 hours - after which point you’ll need to leverage SSH or to have added a new root password to the machine.

Hardware Lifecycling

We're sorry, but we just don't trust you all! That's why each deleted instance goes through a robust automated process to completely wipe all data, check firmware and validate BIOS settings.

Air Gapped Installs

We've architected our provisioner to work without a public IP, which means that provisions and deprovisions don't require access to the public internet during installation.

Trusted Compute / TPM 2.0

Most of our configurations feature physical TPM chips - a hardware security layer that can be paired with the latest standards library to help secure your environment.

No Agent or Keys

Once we provision a server, it's 100% yours - no Packet agent or keys are installed. Nada, zilch, zero.

Open Source

Project Support

We are proud to contribute to the projects we all rely upon, including, Golang, Wireguard, and NixOS. Get in touch if you project needs support!

Works on Arm

We've partnered with Arm to make powerful Armv8 datacenter servers available to the software community for testing, porting and Continuous Integration.  Learn more.

IaaS Focus

Many cloud providers compete with the larger software ecosystem. We stay focused on "boring" infrastructure, and support / work with partners to help them build sustainable software businesses on us.

Accelerate with Optane

Optane is Intel’s term for a new class of hyper-fast memory that achieves super-low latency—as fast as 10 microseconds. We partnered to make this fancy new tech available to the software ecosystem.  Learn more.

CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab

Packet provides $25,000+ per month in cloud services for CNCF members to consume for testing, benchmarking, porting and more. Learn more.