Custom Reserved

Public cloud? Private cloud? Get the best of both worlds!

We've heard it before: our m2.xlarge is the *perfect* machine for a customer's workload...if only it had a slightly different NVMe drive or maybe a processor one notch higher on the Intel price list. With Custom Reserved, you can modify our standard configs to your liking when purchased on contract.

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Solution Features

Leading Platforms

We careful design our server configurations on top of leading platforms from DellEMC, SuperMicro, Quanta, and more. 

Efficient Upgrades

Leverage our bulk buy pricing to upgrade common components such as RAM, processors and specific NVMe drives.

Full Automation

We'll make sure we know everything about your upgraded "pet" box so that you can consume it with our standard automation.


Custom hardware is great...until that special drive fails. That's why we have a sparing policy and process to ensure you always have what you need.

Deploy Globally

Deploy Globally

Custom Reserved hardware is available in each of our 18+ global datacenters.

Each of our global facilities support Custom Reserved hardware, which means you can easily deploy physical infrastructure around the world without getting deep into the colocation business. Stay close to your users by leveraging Packet’s leading global IP network, and make friends with your security team with convenient direct connect options.

If a location you need is not supported already, Packet can build into hundreds of retail colocation facilities around the globe in as little as 90 days....depending on the right deal size!

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