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How to think about Packet vs Vultr

Packet and Vultr both embrace a developer-focused experience that makes it easy to deploy infrastructure around the world. From announcing your own IP space, to wide support for DevOps tooling, we have a lot of features in common.

While Vultr now offers a bare metal configuration, you'll find the we differ mainly around focus: Packet is 100% focused on bare metal and scalable, production workloads.

Hourly Pricing
Native IPv6 Support
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Extensive DevOps Integrations
BYO IP Space
Local & Global BGP Limited
Full Hardware Access Limited
Spot Market Feature
Private Deployment Option
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Vultr?
  • Bare Metal Focus - While Vultr now has a growing bare metal catalog, Packet is uniquely focused on single tenancy.
  • Multiple Architectures - With both x86 (Intel and AMD) and Arm, Packet is the only infrastructure provider that really embraces a multi-arch future.
  • Layer 3 Network - Unlike most VPS providers, Packet's networking topology leverages a pure router Layer 3 approach, instead of a shared overlay.
  • Advanced Features - From our Spot Market to Global Anycast IPs, Packet leads the pack as you get to the more advanced bare metal platform features.
  • Private Deployments - Unlike Vultr, Packet offers a product that allows you to deploy customized gear in nearly any location.
  • BGP / BYO IP - Aside from Packet, Vultr is one of the few cloud providers that allows you to announce your own IP space and route using BGP.
  • Deploy Speed - Vultr has a reputation for fast deploys, and they've done a great job of extending this to their bare metal product as well.
  • Great Experience - Everything about Vultr's UI and API is super clean and fast, making it a joy to deploy. 
  • VM's & Metal - Vultr got its start in the VPS business, so it has a wide range of virtualization based instances, in addition to its new bare metal line.
  • Dedicated Instances - For its virtualized product line, Vultr offers a dedicated instance similar to what AWS offers. 

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