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Rackspace has a long and storied history with infrastructure, but in recent years they have moved decisively towards managing and supporting workloads on other clouds like AWS and Azure. This matches up well with their brand for rigorous support, and a track recording of helping people run their IT workloads.

Packet is laser focused on delivering infrastructure primitives (compute, network, and storage) and enabling you to manage that through automation.

Full Hardware Access
Native IPv6 Support
Deploys in Minutes
Simple, Clean API Limited
Hourly Pricing Limited
Spot Market Feature
Private Deployment Option
Cloud-init / Metadata Support Limited
Extensive DevOps Integrations Limited
Local & Global BGP
BYO IP Space
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Rackspace?
  • Bare Metal Focus - Packet provides one thing and we do it well (fundamental infrastructure), while Rackspace offers an incredibly broad scope of products and services. 
  • Full Automation - We’re in the business of infrastructure, not managed services. This means everything at Packet can be done automation - from managing BGP to deploying 100 physical servers in the next 10 minutes.
  • Cost Effective - Both Packet and Rackspace are premium providers with rock solid networks. However, Packet's focus on bare metal and full automation without a required support contract means we can provide high quality infrastructure at a reduced cost. 
  • Roadmap Influence - Yup, we have a public roadmap and regularly convene customer councils to help us chart our features, new locations, and configurations. 
  • Managed Hosting - Rackspace will perform the essential tasks that you can’t — or prefer not to!
  • Managed Services - In addition to infrastructure, Rackspace experts can help you decide what you need to do about a growing range of issues such as security and compliance.
  • Cloud Agnostic - In addition to their own infrastructure, Rackspace manages everything from Alibaba Cloud to AWS.  
  • Openstack and VMware - Rackspace invented Openstack and also has VMware specialists on staff to fully manage your vSphere environment. 

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