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Oracle Cloud

How to think about Oracle vs Packet

Oracle Cloud describes itself as "the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud." It has software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (LaaS) offering, including both a bare metal and on premise option.

While there are plenty of differences between Packet and Oracle, one thing is for sure: we both talk a lot about the advantages of bare metal. 

Hourly Pricing
Native IPv6 Support
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Full Hardware Access
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Extensive DevOps Integrations Limited
Local & Global BGP Limited
Spot Market Feature
Private Deployment Option
BYO IP Space
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Oracle Cloud?
  • Bare Metal Focus - Packet provides one thing and we do it well (fundamental infrastructure) while Oracle offers a growing portfolio that includes email delivery, database management, and more. 
  • Cost Effective - Both Packet and Oracle are premium providers with rock solid networks. However, Packet's focus on bare metal and full automation without a required support contract means we can provide high quality infrastructure at a reduced cost. 
  • Spot Market - Packet has an active spot market for bare metal, which allow users to leverage spare capacity at reduced rates.
  • Roadmap Influence - Yup, we have a public roadmap and regularly convene customer councils to help us chart our features, new locations, and configurations. 
  • Managed Databases - Oracle is primarily a database company, and their cloud was built to help bring their core customers into the cloud.
  • SaaS Services - A huge part of Oracle's business is providing their software as a hosted solution.
  • On Premises - Oracle offers an on premise solution to help bridge the gap between public cloud and local resources.
  • Cloud Marketplace - More than 4,000 Oracle Partner apps and services are offered on their marketplace.

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