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Looking for an alternative to Openstack? Let's talk!


Early in the founding days of Packet, we looked at how we could leverage Openstack as part of our core automation technology. The reason? Two words: open source. In the end, we failed at Openstack (here's our blog post) for the reason that many others have: complexity. We simply found that Openstack was at once everything you needed, and more than you wanted. And so we built our own automation tooling from scratch, and have been happily deploying bare metal at scale for the last few years.

There are plenty of excellent reasons to love and use Openstack - and the quality of the experience is light years ahead of where it was. But if what you're looking for an infrastructure underlay, so that you can deploy VM's, containers, or whatever else comes next - we think you'll find Packet to be a great fit.

Native IPv6 Support
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Full Hardware Access
Spot Market Feature
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Private Deployment Option
Extensive DevOps Integrations
Local & Global BGP
BYO IP Space
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Openstack?
  • Bare Metal Focus - Packet provides one thing and we do it well (fundamental infrastructure), while Openstack offers an incredibly broad scope of features driven by a wide community. 
  • Deploy in Minutes - We’re in the business of automating infrastructure, plain and simple. This means we can stand up an entirely new deployment in minutes, not months (or years!). 
  • It Just Works - Both Packet and Openstack are powerful platforms, but when it comes to the deployment and management, Packet has a reputation of "just working".   
  • VM's - Openstack offers a lot of powerful features, mainly around managing virtual machines.   
  • Expansive Ecosystem - The Openstack community is one of the best! From the twice annual Summits to user groups, meetups, and a diverse group of consultants and vendors, the ecosystem is a major benefit.
  • Free to Download - OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform. Packet is not. 

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