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IBM Cloud

How to think about IBM vs Packet?

IBM Cloud, which has its roots in SoftLayer, built one of the first automated IT platforms in 2005. Since then, the company has expanded to offer a large array of shared and dedicated hosting solutions, platform services and enterprise cloud services.  

IBM Cloud and Packet both offer high-end dedicated servers backed by a global IP network. But after that, the experience is really quite different. Packet is laser focused on delivering infrastructure in a completely automated experience, whereas IBM Cloud offers a massive portfolio of services from servers to security management.

Full Hardware Access
Native IPv6 Support
Extensive DevOps Integrations
Deploys in Minutes
Hourly Pricing
Spot Market Feature
Simple, Clean API
Private Deployment Option
Local & Global BGP
BYO IP Space
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose IBM Cloud?
  • Just Bare Metal - Packet provides one thing and we do it well: bare metal. At SoftLayer you can get bare metal, cloud services, managed services, VMs, and a host of other products. 
  • Non Competitive - We’re in the business of infrastructure, not managed services. This means you can offer an amazing “xxx” as a service (AI, databases, private cloud, etc) on Packet, and we won’t compete up the stack. 
  • Deploy in Minutes - At IBM, you can configure a server and get it in about an hour. This is impressive, but doesn't work for most automation dependent situations. Packet is fully automated, with deploys in ten minutes or less.
  • Roadmap Influence - Yup, we have a public roadmap and regularly convene custom councils to help us chart our features, locations, and configurations. 
  • Name Changes - We're having a hard time keeping track of SoftLayer, IBM Softlayer, Bluemix, and now IBM Cloud. Let's hope this recent one sticks!
  • Complex Solutions - With the huge number of options that IBM Cloud offers, it is possible to slice and dice exactly what you need. 
  • K8S of Bare Metal - We do love that IBM Cloud is offering managed Kubernetes on bare's the right way to do it!  However, our focus is on helping you easily deploy and manage your own software (including Kubernetes) on Packet metal.  
  • Managed VM's - While you can of course deploy your own VM's on top of Packet bare metal, Packet doesn't offer VMs as a service. 
  • Security Services - From managed firewalls and security groups, to DDoS scrubbing, IBM Cloud offers a more traditional set of hosting / IT support services. 
  • Watson - Packet doesn’t boast AI, with IBM Cloud you can leverage Watson® for natural language processing, visual recognition, and machine learning. 

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