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How to Think about DigitalOcean and Packet

Packet and DigitalOcean both do a great job of making it easy to deploy infrastructure. From a simple UI, to the use of teams and collaborators, it’s easy to get your work done with both providers.

Where Packet and DigitalOcean start to differ is when it comes to scale. Packet got its start building for large scale use cases, whereas DigitalOcean got its start with $5 VMs. You can see those differences in our platform features - features like single tenancy (bare metal), global networking capabilities (Global Anycast IPs, BYO IP space), and the option to customize hardware (Private Deployments) tends to matter most to those with larger workloads. 

Hourly Pricing
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Native IPv6 Support
Extensive DevOps Integrations
Full Hardware Access
Spot Market Feature
Local & Global BGP
BYO IP Space
Private Deployment Option
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose DigitalOcean?
  • Bare Metal - To state the obvious, when you get a dedicated server it is all yours - removing the noisy neighbors factor and ensuring a stable environment that you can define. 
  • Price to Performance - Packet really shines with large workloads, so as you scale you’ll find better price performance ratios. 
  • Roadmap Influence - Packet is focused on customers who deploy at scale, and maintains an active public roadmap that is driven by our customers.
  • Private Deployment(s) - While Packet has a global public cloud, we also offer the ability to deploy exactly what you want where you need it. So if you need special hardware or a special location Packet can deliver. 
  • Network Features - From bringing your own IP space to leveraging BGP or Anycast, Packet is focused on pro network features usually only available in colocation. 
  • Pre-built Apps - Skip the install and configuration process with pre-built open source images supporting Rails, Cassandra, Docker, and more. 
  • Small Bit Size - With robust VM's starting at just $5/mo, you can do a lot with a little at DigitalOcean.
  • Cloud Firewalls - A new offering, DigitalOcean's firewall product allows you to easily define what services are visible on all of your Droplets. 
  • Resize Machines - Virtual Machines can be resized on the fly, so you can generally grow from small to large pretty easily. At Packet you'll need to physically deploy a larger or smaller machine to change your resource size. 
  • Snapshots, Restores, and Backups - DigitalOcean does a great job of helping you backup and restore VMs.  Because Packet doesn't leave an agent on your bare metal servers, we can't help you with this.

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