Cloud, Meet Metal

Redefine performance and lower costs with single-tenant infrastructure on demand.

Fast Deploys. Curated Configs. 18+ Global Locations.

From $0.07 / hr


Smaller instances aimed at dev/test, controllers, etc.

From $0.40 / hr


Compute focused, with a modest RAM footprint.

From $1.70 / hr


Memory heavy, with a generous RAM to core ratio.

From $1.50 / hr


Scale out boxes for affordable, high storage scenarios.

From $0.40 / hr


Standard configs with accelerator components.

From $0.00 / hr


Specialized configurations for GPU workloads.

The Tools You Need, Without the Bloat

We keep to the fundamentals so you can inject your opinion all the way down the stack.


Local media (SSD's and NVMe Flash) are the "bread and butter" of our storage strategy, with multi-tenant block also available in core datacenters.  For object, we rely on zero-rated bandwidth to partners like Wasabi and Backblaze. 

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Network is the one product you have to buy from your cloud provider, so we set out to unleash "enterprise grade" networking features for a generation of developers: Layer 3, Layer  2 (VXLAN), BGP, Anycast, BYO IP space, and more.

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At Packet, our passion for developer automation starts with a clean, powerful API and related libraries and CLI.  Naturally, an awesome API flows to downstream tools like Terraform, Ansible, Ruby Fog, jClouds, Kubernetes CSI/CCM, and more!

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Packet's approach to security starts with concepts like Single Tenancy and SSH-only access.  We also provide tools to help you restrict public internet access (no Public IP), easily leverage backend transfer, and tap into load balancing and firewall solutions.

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A Platform Built for Demanding Users

We sweat the small details, so you can build at scale.

No Noisy Neighbors

With Packet bare metal, there are no shared resources or required hypervisors to gum up the works and impact your workload. Your dedicated servers are 100%, well...yours!

1st Class Developer Automation

The heart and soul of our platform is our API. From common libraries like Go, an official CLI, and providers like Terraform, we're committed to helping you get down to business of "automating all the things!"

Layer 3, BGP/Anycast, and More

We built Packet to bring the cloud experience to advanced networking features. Use your own IP space (custom ASN), leverage local and global BGP, control Layer 2 (VXLAN) on top of our pure Layer 3 topology, or leverage DPDK and other pro features of our NICs.

A Platform Built for Demanding Users

“Packet offers a highly-customizable infrastructure for running bare metal in the cloud.”

As described in Techcrunch on April 21st, 2018 Read article