Our Passion is Bare Metal

Deploy globally in minutes with the leading Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) provider.

From Cloud to Edge, Packet is the Bare Metal Expert

From our global public cloud to customized deployments and edge computing, Packet is on a mission to help make fully automated physical infrastructure your competitive advantage.


The automation and DevOps experience of the cloud, but with the benefits of dedicated hardware and pro networking features usually only found in colocation.

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Packet offers two ways for you to customize your infrastructure while retaining the benefits of our automation platform, operational management, and global network.

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Lightweight & flexible software to tackles the grunt work of datacenter automation without the lock-in and other side effects that can accompany comprehensive solutions.

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Packet's platform was built for automating a wide variety of hardware in hundreds or thousands of locations, making it a perfect fit for the demands of distributed edge computing.

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Why People Like Bare Metal



"Packet simplified things. It gave us the power we needed without needing to have somebody full-time managing servers on our team." 

Josh Pigford
CEO & Founder, Baremetrics
GeoSpace Labs

GeoSpace Labs

"Packet’s offerings seemed ideally suited for GeoSpace Labs’ needs. Everyone else seemed oriented towards uploading pictures and shopping carts and stuff, and that’s just not what we’re about. Our system is very processing-heavy, so we need the CPU cores." 

David Lady
Founding Partner and President, GeoSpace Labs


"We started playing around with Packet's API and realized just how incredibly stable it was, and how compared to a lot of other infrastructure APIs, the failure rate was incredibly low."

Jake Warner
CEO & Founder, Cycle


"With Packet, we’ve found this perfect combination of bleeding-edge automation and access to raw hardware that enables us to do what we need to do."

Kris Beevers
Founder, CEO NS1


"One of the reasons we chose Arm was because no one else is doing it. As the support and community grows we’re seeing a lot more interest in Arm, so it’s a selling point for us to be on a platform like Packet that supports it as a 1st class citizen."

Mike Johnston
Co-Creator of Supergiant, CTO of QBox

Packet Delivers the Best of Both Worlds

The experience of the cloud, paired with the benefits of single-tenant infrastructure.  

All the Benefits of a Virtualized Platform

  • 60 Second Installs

    Deploy a 100% dedicated server in under a minute from 18 global locations, from New York to Frankfurt. Not bad, eh?

  • DevOps Automation

    From our API to the dozens of integrations like Terraform & Ansible, you can tell we built Packet for developers.

But With the Benefits of Bare Metal

  • No Noisy Neighbors

    At Packet, each instance is literally dedicated 100% to your workload. Bring multi-tenancy if you want - but we won't force it!

  • Unmatched Performance

    Your network-sensitive applications and IOPS hungry Postgres database will love physical infrastructure.

How We Compare

We love and respect our competition, and as such we're always hustling to provide a world-class experience.

Packet Packet DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Rackspace Rackspace IBM Cloud IBM Cloud Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
Hourly Pricing Yes Yes Limited No Yes
Native IPv6 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud-init / Metadata Support Yes Yes Limited No Yes
Full Hardware Access Yes No Yes Yes Limited
Spot Market Feature Yes No No No Yes
Simple, Clean API Yes Yes Limited No Yes
Deploys in Minutes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Private Deployment Option Yes No No No No
Extensive DevOps Integrations Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes
Local & Global BGP Yes No No No No
BYO IP Space Yes No No No No
Multi-Architecture Yes No No Yes No

Don't see what you need? Need a platform demo? Contact us so we can chat about options, and help you get the most out of our platform.