Packet works with the following Sub-processors. For further clarity we have broken out the sub-processors that are unique to GDPR (e.g. service provides that have physical access to servers hosted in European Union locations).

European Union Specific Sub-Processors

Company Name Service Description
Interxion Datacenter Services
Limelight Networks Datacenter Services
Equinix Datacenter Services
NocNoc Global Remote Hands

General Sub-Processors

Company Name Service Description
Equinix Datacenter Services
Cologix Datacenter Services
Segment Data Warehousing
Clearbit Customer Intelligence
Twilio Two Factor Authentication
Postmarkapp Transactional Email
Salesforce CRM
Zoho CRM & Invoicing
Braintree Payments
Hubspot Marketing Automation
Sherlock Customer Intelligence
Clearbit Data Enrichment