Packet’s platform was built to control the lifecycle of hardware at scale.

We started Packet in 2014 with the goal of bringing the experience of the cloud to physical infrastructure, no matter what it was or where it lived.  

With a few years under our belt, we've battle tested our automation technology the old fashioned way: by helping users deploy over 60,000 instances per month across our global public cloud locations. 

Anyone that has dealt with physical servers at any scale knows how quickly the simple things can become complex. So instead of architecting for consistency, we went the opposite direction - building a platform that is incredibly good at handling a wide variety of hardware in a wide variety of locations.  

We now manage tens of thousands of physical servers, built by a dozen different manufacturers, across three architectures and over 20 global facilities. We support 15+ official operating systems, and a large percentage of deployments feature a custom image defined by our users.  And with all that, we're just getting started!

Our Stats This Month

  • Installations About 60K
  • Successful Provisions Over 99%
  • Fastest Provision Time 54 Seconds

Packet’s platform controls the lifecycle of hardware at scale.

From basic provisioning, to the nitty gritty of firmware management, our platform is designed to smooth out the gnarly world of hardware so that you can take full advantage of it (but without the headache and heartache). Our proof lies in tens of thousands of machines deployed each month. 
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API & Client Portal

Internal & External Services + Device, Project, Billing, Token Management


Power and Boot Control


iPXE Server & Imaging


EC2 Style Metadata


In Memory Installation Environment


Netwflow Agg & Analysis


Physical Switch SDN


Serial Console Out of Bound Access


Customer Backend VPN


Firmware Management


Metadata Service Over gRPC

Magnum IP

Multi-Tenant IPAM

Packet is Made by Humans

Fantastic tech comes from a team of truly special people. If you are passionate about innovation at the hardware level by automating "all things" -- we should talk.

Ihab Tarazi

Ihab TaraziCTO

Linda Hemerik

Linda HemerikEngineering Manager

Manny Mendez

Manny MendezSenior Systems Engineer

Mo Lawler

Mo LawlerCustomer Success Lead

Tony Perez

Tony PerezProduction Engineer

Zoe Allen

Zoe AllenMarketing Coordinator

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