Steve Smyser

VP, Bare Metal Finance and Commercial Solutions

Steve Smyser

My background in finance comes into play constantly, but it is the fast pace and great people that gets me excited to walk into the office each day. Plus, with unlimited Coca-Cola, what's not to love?

A Crazy Idea at the Time

Deciding to leave a steady job trading equity derivatives to join a tech startup seemed like a crazy idea — especially since I was past 40 and had two young children at the time! However, joining Packet was easily one of the best decisions of my life.  

I love the challenge of building something new. At Packet, each day is includes a fresh challenge, which is such a departure from my experience of working at a bank. During my 14 years in traditional finance, I mainly did some version of the same thing each day. That couldn't be further from the reality of startup life, and I love it. 

A Secret Luddite

We are living in a time of unprecedented technological advancement and from my perch at Packet, I have a birds-eye view.

While I am thrilled to be at the center of "high tech" I am also fully addicted to my pen and paper to-do list. There is nothing more satisfying than completing something and crossing it off the list — and don't try to sell me on an app that can do the same thing! 

Culture is at the Center

On any given day, I dive deep into the financial world of the cloud: setting up offshore entities, securing financing lines, and guiding us through audits. Of course, don't forget billing and taxes!  My workload is varied and stimulating, but most of all I enjoy working with everyone at Packet and am really proud of the culture we are building together.

Outside of work, the culture of NYC is a big part of my life: I live with my wife and two girls just eight minutes walking from the office. After work you can find me visiting a museum, bar hopping with friends or going on a long run. 

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