Dizzy Smith

VP, Bare Metal Engineering

Dizzy Smith

It’s my mission to create environments where people can do the best work of their lives. That includes making sure that people have clear direction and know where we’re going so that they can go build amazing things.

Making a Difference

After many years working in software engineering, I moved into management because I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the world. For me, that was really about coaching, mentoring and supporting people.

Attracted by a Contrarian Vision

What ultimately brought me to Packet is our vision and that we take an almost contrarian approach as we democratize the datacenter industry. While other companies are busy building software, we’re focused on the logistics, hardware and datacenters. In the same way that the cloud enabled a new generation of software businesses, we’re going to enable a new generation of hardware businesses, where people are going to build hardware and need it across the planet. 

Big, Hard Questions

Packet is building a vibrant and diverse company with amazing people. We are willing to ask hard questions, and we’re willing to hear hard answers. We are not afraid to push to try to do new things that will help our partners achieve outcomes that were not previously possible. We are taking on tasks that previously only much larger companies would even dare, and that excites me deeply.

With it comes the awareness that our technological decisions can directly impact our environment, our culture and our politics. I think we’ve needed this sort of ethical awakening, as everything we do has significant impact and trade-offs.

20 Years as a Remote Worker

I’m based in the Denver area of Colorado. My amazing wife is Head of Developer Experience at Netlify and together we juggle three kids while working on fun coding projects and traveling around the world. Our two dogs are named for geek concepts: Sudo and Beam (Erlang VM).

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